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Billy Donovan has noticed the change in foul calls

Adam Hinted that a change in foul calls was coming, and Donovan has taken notice.



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NBA commissioner Adam Silver noted that there could be a change in foul calls after the All-Star break. It was unclear if there would be a noticeable change, but numerous players and coaches have made comments in regards to it. Bulls head coach Billy Donovan is the latest as he had a lot to say about it after their recent loss against the Houston Rockets.

It used to be a little bit easier for the Bulls to get to the free throw line, and Billy Donovan has noticed that it’s harder now. It has been frustrating for him and his team.

It’s pretty clear league wide the numbers of fouls called prior to the All Star break, there are fewer now,” Donovan said, according to an article from “Teams are not getting to the free throw line like we normally would have. What happens when you have a situation where you go through part of the year and you are used to certain fouls being called and they are not being called, it can get frustrating. There were probably some missed calls when DeMar went to the basket a couple times. I think Vooch (Nikola Vučević poked in the eye on the jump ball to start the game) got hit, too. That being said, they probably felt the same way on some of their drives.”

The change is certainly taking place, and Donovan and the rest of the NBA will have to adjust to it. It will definitely take some time to get used to it as the league is used to it being a different way.

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