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Erik Spoelstra discusses Jimmy Butler’s lack of foul calls

Is the NBA calling less fouls right now?



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Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is typically a player that gets to the free throw line often, but that hasn’t been the case as much lately. During All-Star weekend, Adam Silver did hint that some changes could be coming in that regard, but it’s unclear if that has anything to do with Butler not getting to the charity stripe as often.

I don’t know,” Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said when asked about Butler not getting to the line as often, according to an article from the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “I think that’s an adjustment from the league. The staff has been talking about that. I didn’t receive a memo about it. But it’s clear that they’re calling it a little more like that.”

Erik Spoelstra doesn’t seem to have much of an issue with Jimmy Butler not getting to the line as often, and he likes that it could change his approach.

This is what Adam Silver had to say about foul calls during All-Star weekend:

“I actually am pleased with the state of the game,” Silver said. “Having said that, I know there are some coaches who feel that we’ve hampered in some ways defensive players’ ability to play defense, at least the way it used to be played in this league. In part, that’s been very intentional. There was a period of time in this league when people thought the game had become too physical and we’d taken away some of the aesthetic beauty from the game. I was one of those people that felt that way in the ’90s. Whether or not there needs to be any adjustments now is something we listen to our coaches, we listen to our players, and the competition committee will continue to consider.”

It sounds like the league might be making an adjustment. It certainly seems that way with Butler.

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