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Jaxson Hayes reacts to historic Anthony Davis performance

Jaxson Hayes can learn a lot from Anthony Davis



Jaxson Hayes
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The Los Angeles Lakers picked up a huge win on Sunday night as they took down the Minnesota Timberwolves, 120-109. The star of the game was Anthony Davis as he put up a historic stat line with 27 points and 25 rebounds. Davis was all over the floor, and he left his teammates astounded. One of those teammates is Jaxson Hayes. 

Jaxson Hayes is obviously around Anthony Davis a lot, and that was one of the best performances that he has seen from the Lakers’ star big man. 

“I mean, the man had 27 and 25. That’s saying something,” Hayes said, according to an article from Lakers Nation. “That’s almost 30 and 30, which I’ve never even gotten close to 25 boards. He just knows the game so well and his timing on everything is so good. So he’s able to go contest, get back to the rebound and he just knows where it’s gonna be. That’s something I’ve kind of taken from him and tried to learn from him. He’s one of the best to do it right there.”

Working with Davis is huge for Hayes and his development. He is playing with one of the best bigs in the NBA, and there is a lot for him to learn from Davis.

“What he does really well is get verticality and then he gets back into the play for maybe another block or another rebound,” Hayes said. “That’s something I’m trying to work on with him, just how to get my verticality so I don’t go flying back and I can actually stay in the play. But just little things like that, his post work, his isos, his middys. Just little footwork stuff I can take from him, trying to learn as much as I can.”

Anthony Davis is doing a lot of big things for the Lakers, and helping younger players like Jaxson Hayes is one of those things.

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