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Steve Kerr and Trayce Jackson-Davis share thoughts on issue with young players

Young players like Trayce Jackson-Davis need time to develop



Trayce Jackson-Davis
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The Golden State Warriors dynasty appears to be completely done. The Warriors were seemingly unstoppable for a while from 2015-2020, and then they came back and won it all again in 2022. Golden State still has the same core of players, but they also have a lot of young guys that need to step up. Trayce Jackson-Davis and Steve Kerr recently discussed some of the issues that they have had with the young talent.

Obviously, Trayce Jackson-Davis is one of those young players that the Warriors are hoping to build on. He is brand new to the Warriors and the league, and he knows that not everything is going to perfect at this level.

“Yeah, that’s something coach explained to us at the beginning of the year,” Jackson-Davis said, according to an article from NBC Sports. “Some of the vets have said the same things. You’re going to have ups and you’re going to have downs. You can’t get too high and you can’t get too low. So at the end of the day, you just have to keep a level head and take it one game at a time.”

Steve Kerr has been doing this with the Warriors for a long time, and he knows that it is a process. 

“We’re playing a lot of young guys,” Kerr said. “We started two of them. This is all part of it. You have to go through multiple seasons to really understand the different games that are going to happen. The different styles. The different emotional swings. All of that has to be experienced by young guys in order to develop and grow and understand how to win. So, yeah. It’s all part of it.”

It might be awhile before these youngsters get acclimated to the NBA completely, but the Warriors certainly do have some talented young players. 

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